Thursday, January 21, 2021

Just setting up

Original comment: "I don't even know what this blog will be about, yet. Let's work on that." Work has commenced - as I explain in the opening passage of the description in my Flickr profile

"The name 'Ex Nihilo', which that of my blog, ties into the upcoming subject matter. The Flickr groups I've signed up for, intending to try each (as I discover which I enjoy the most and where I wish to develop a long term presence), almost all relate to some of the recurring themes that will develop, which will refer to austerity, simplicity, restraint and often, in one sense or another, emptiness, but not always in a bad sense. I expect that, in visual terms, the emptiness of space and of the desert will often make their appearance on my blog. Both are sources of great natural beauty."

adding on the blog homepage

"What this site and blog will be about is that which is most simple, most austere. Picture camping in the middle of the desert, where the rain has not fallen for a hundred years, looking up at the stars so bright in the clear, dry air, as slowly sips one's iced cinnamon tea, discussing Logic, Epistemology, Astronomy and Physics, and sharing a few brief stories, and one might get some idea of what this will be about, sometimes. Sometimes I'll just discuss what I've found, today, but these are the themes to which I'll keep returning and upon which I'll be expanding.

Oh, and there will be absolutely no politics on this site, ever.

That last one's a guarantee. I'm here to have fun, and I hope you are, too, and isn't getting away from the drama one of the reasons one goes out into the Wilderness, anyway? This will sometimes be a site review blog, so not everything will be about those themes, but these are themes to which I will be constantly returning, seeking sites about, and be seen in the art work and other creative efforts one will find on this blog, when I'm not reviewing sites - minimal art and photography, very short stories, ...

I do have degrees in Mathematics and Physics, so I am somewhat more qualified to write about these subjects than many of those who writing you've probably seen and suffered through online. In Astronomy, I'm just an interested amateur with a stronger background than most, which I'm working on making stronger. As for art, is anybody a master of that, any more? Actually, yes, I'm delighted to say, and I'll be introducing you to some of their websites, but with as many tchotchkes as one has been able to find in art fairs, in recent years, if one finds my own art to be a little amateurish - and one should, I think - at least I should not be expected to be as embarassed to post such material in public as I might have been, had I been living a hundred years ago. And somehow managed to find a working Internet connection.

This blog is associated with accounts at a few other places. I have a fairly solid idea of what I'd like to do over on Flickr. Youtube, I'm not sure yet, in part because I don't have a videocamera yet, and in part because that's one of the things I'll be finding out as I fill in this blog. Oh, and yes, there will be recipes, as always.